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Tired of spending lots of time reading labels? At The Good Market you will ONLY find products with simple and real ingredients. Eating well and living consciously don’t need to be complicated!

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Conscious lifestyle 

We are a small team passionate about wellness and healthy lifestyle and we work hard to create awareness, inspiration and help you eat better and live consciously.

At The Good Market, products are carefully curated and hand picked for you to support a healthy and conscious lifestyle.  We are committed to provide the highest quality items and nourishing foods from ethical suppliers with no toxics and artificials. 


Quality and real

Quality products that fit any variety of needs: gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, organic, sugar-free...

We have created the best product selection with ONLY real ingredients so that it is up to you to decide which one suits best your dietary requirements and lifestyle. 

The more sustainable the better

Why not choosing sustainable when possible? We not only believe in the huge impact healthy eating has in our lives but also in the power of acting in ways that protect the resources in our planet. We are much more than a store, our mission is to create a strong community of conscious people that genuinely care.


We believe that food shopping can be cool, exciting and fun!

At The Good Market you will find the latest product trends and lots of information, recipes and tips. 

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