Smaakt Arrowroot Organic

Smaakt Arrowroot Organic


Smaakt is a brand of De Smaakspecialist, an organisation with the core ambition of making sustainable, nutritious organic food available to everyone.

Arrowroot is a type of starch extracted in simpler, more traditional methods, without the use of high heat or harsh chemicals. When the arrowroot is harvested, it looks similar to other underground tubers such as cassava, yucca or kudzu.

This easily digestible starch is an excellent nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and corn-free thickener and binder. A huge plus is that it is flavourless, so it can be seamlessly added to savoury dishes and baked goods as it’s extremely versatile.

Ingredients: 100% organic arrowroot powder.

Content: 200 g

Nutrition facts per 100 g

Energy kJ/kcal: 1495/357

Fats: 0.1 g

Of which saturates: 0.02 g

Carbohydrates: 84.75 g

Of which sugars: 0 g

Protein: 0.3 g

Salt: 5 mg

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