Top 5 healthy snacks ideas for busy days

Being in a rush doesn’t mean you need to accept anything less than healthy! The key to healthy snacking is preparation. This is why it helps to plan ahead or have a few go-to, healthy take along snacks at home. With our busy lives, they usually need to be quick and convenient to eat. Snacks free of preservatives and unfamiliar ingredients taste better and are better for you! A good snack is nutritious, keeps you full until your next meal and gives you a bit of an energy boost.

These top 5 healthy snacks on-the-go will help you make sure you always have a healthy snack plan in your busy days!


1. DYI Nuts + Seeds

Make your own favourite combination, pack it in your Stasher or Snack-n-go bag and you are ready to go!

-Best combos:

Almonds + hazelnuts

Walnuts + Goji berries + cacao nibs

2. Peanut butter ready-to-go + piece of fruit or raw veggies


Does it get any easier? Just grab a peanut butter sachet and a piece of fruit et voilá, no need to end up eating whatever you find last minute in the machine at the office!

Peanut butter is also delicious with raw veggies. Have you ever tried it with carrots?

3. Beetroot chips + homemade hummus or Chickpea & Lentil crackers with avocado or egg on top


4. Healthy granola

Perfect option to keep at your desk and eat it as is or with milk/yogurt of your choice. My Raw Granola is suitable for those sensitive or allergic to nuts, dairy and/or gluten. It’s made with tiger nuts which have excellent properties, such as high content of fiber, iron, prebiotics and E vitamins.

My Raw Granola is organic, and it contains no artificial sweeteners. Moreover, there are only naturally present sugars coming from the high proportion of fruit and tigernuts.

5. Coconut ginger cookies

If you have a sweet tooth when it comes to snacks, these cookies won’t disappoint!

They are made of coconut, cashews, ginger, vanilla and some raisins and dates. Truly sweet, crunchy and juicy at the same time! They are slow dried, vegan and gluten-free.


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