B'runching for Real + Yoga - June 30

B'runching for Real + Yoga - June 30


What is B’runching for Real?

-The first concept brunch in Luxembourg

-A yummy and healthy brunch for all

-A way of discovering new tips and recipes

-Quality food and quality moments

-Different locations in Luxembourg

-Option to shop the ingredients used

-An original and unique experience!

What we are sharing with you…

-Our passion for a healthy lifestyle

-Our spices and healthy products

-Our love for real food!

Our values:

-Honesty & respect

-Passion for quality ingredients

-Support local

-Conscious living

Sample Brunch Menu:

Sneak peek sweet

Seasonal smoothie: fruit, veggies and a pinch of spices

Dear Parfait: yogurt (dairy and plant based options), chia marmalade and homemade granola

Double trouble: homemade sourdough bread and chocolate surprise spread

Sneak peek savoury

Crazy eggs: dairy free scrambled eggs

Blinis with a twist: Buckwheat blinis with smoked salmon or tofu scramble


To finish it off with that little extra…


Drinks (High quality coffee, Ayurvedic tea + more)

For this June edition, we will team up with Fitness Dionysos, a gym, where we focus on the individual's Health and Fitness in their unique way through a holistic approach. They promote and support every movement that will help people to live a larger life. Yoga isn't their main service, but they value the relaxing and self-aware aspects of it - especially with a healthy brunch after it. Can you imagine something better than moving and eating for your health?

Vinyasa Yoga is a style of modern yoga, where you synchronize your breath with your movements. The usually individual poses are linked by flowing movements, so the exercise is more energetic and hot.

Price: 35€ per person

Where? Fitness Dionysos, Wormeldange, Luxembourg

When: June 30

-Yoga class: 11:30h-12:30h

-Brunch: 13:00h-15:00h

Bring your best friend along and brunch, share & enjoy!

Made with love <3

Cristina & Roxane

*IMPORTANT: Please let us know about your food preferences and/or intolerances/allergies on the comment section at the checkout or email us at contact@thegoodmarket.lu

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Cristina and Roxane are two entrepreneur women based in Luxembourg.

Cristina is the founder of The Good Market: an online store with a carefully curated selection of healthy food and sustainable products. Roxane is the founder of The Spice Collection, the best high quality spices in the market.

Since the first day they met, they immediately realised they shared the same passion: yummy and healthy food.

"Brunching for real" is born to celebrate the love for sharing healthy food with likeminded people while truly caring about them.