Knopes Coffee 1936 BIO (Peru Cuenca Botijas)

Knopes Coffee 1936 BIO (Peru Cuenca Botijas)


Knopes Coffee 1936 BIO Gourmet blend

(Notes: round-almond-raisin)

1936 refers to the year of creation of Knopes coffee roasting and constitute the perfect introduction to their range of specialty coffees. Knopes has selected an organic version following their vision for the perfect and accessible espresso. Due to reasons of quality and homogeneity (as well as roasting and preparation), Knopes only selects one type of coffee from only one farm or cooperative. 1936 BIO comes 100% from Peru APU in the region of Cajamarca. The varieties Typica and Caturra are harvested for the production of this certified organic blend.

All Knopes coffees are roasted on demand to guarantee the best freshness. They are placed in thermo sealed bags which include a degassing valve in order to allow a natural degasification of the coffee after roasting and protect it from oxidation. Coffee should be consumed during the following 3 months after roasting. Once opened it should be consumed within a month. Note: coffee in grains keeps better than ground coffee.

Why do we love Knopes?

Knopes is a Luxembourgish coffee artisan roaster with more than 80 years of experience and who strives for quality, seasonality and sustainable development. Their mission is to make us discover the great richness of the coffee world.

Info alert: Moderate coffee intake is generally safe for most of the population. Source: British Medical Journal.

Content: 250 g

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