Reusable Cotton Bread Bag

Reusable Cotton Bread Bag


This beautiful and stylish bread bag is perfect for bringing bread from the bakery and storing it home. An ideal way to reduce your plastic and paper consumption!

It not only keeps your bread fresh for longer but is also designed to use it as a fruit and veggie bag, cosmetic bag, pencil case and much more. In order too keep bread fresh, you are advised not to slice the bread before placing it in the bag and seal it as tightly as possible.

Did you know that cotton is a natural fiber that lets bread breathe?

Dimensions: 33cm x 34cm.

Material: 100% natural cotton.

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For which type of bread is the Bread Bag suitable?

Supermarket bread for example, has a thin and often open crust so that it dries out quickly, this also applies to already cut bread. The more traditional breads that are often uncut, such as sourdough bread, have a thicker crust. That prevents the bread from drying out. The cotton bag then ensures that the crust remains crispy. Bread with a thick crust remains more fresh, tasty and will also start to mold less quickly because cotton breathes.