Bread Organic Cotton Bag

Bread Organic Cotton Bag


With a Bag-Again you can easily save 300 plastic bags per year! Actually it is very simple and logical: take your bread bag to the bakery and bring your lovely fresh bread home in this bread bag instead of a plastic bag. Why not use a reusable bag to take your bread or vegetables with you? Every purchase saves a plastic bag. Every little bit helps, you not only save on raw materials such as petroleum, but also prevent a large amount of plastic waste.

Sustainable, organic, fairtrade and it looks great in your kitchen! Up to 2 days your bread will keep fresh with a great crunchy crust.

The Bag-again bread bag is made of organic cotton (GOTS-certified). So, no pesticides on the cotton in which you keep your bread and…fair labour conditions!

-The printing is environmentally friendly.

-You can use the bread bag in your freezer.

-Washing at a low temperature is not a problem. However, you do not need to do this much, simply get the crumbs out and use it again!

-Dimensions: 47 x 31 cm.

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For which type of bread is the Bread Bag suitable?

Supermarket bread for example, has a thin and often open crust so that it dries out quickly, this also applies to already cut bread. The more traditional breads that are often uncut, such as sourdough bread, have a thicker crust. That prevents the bread from drying out. The cotton bag then ensures that the crust remains crispy. Bread with a thick crust remains more fresh, tasty and will also start to mold less quickly because cotton breathes.