Bulk is Beautiful Organic Cotton Bag

Bulk is Beautiful Organic Cotton Bag


With a Bag-Again you can easily save 300 plastic bags per year! Why not use a reusable bag to take bulk foods (e.g. nuts and grains) with you? Every purchase saves a plastic bag. Every little bit helps, you not only save on raw materials such as petroleum, but also prevent a large amount of plastic waste.

Sustainable, organic, fairtrade and it looks great in your kitchen!

The Bag-again “Bulk is Beautiful” bag is made of organic cotton (GOTS-certified). So, no pesticides on the cotton in which you keep your bread and…fair labour conditions!

-The weight of the bag is 10 grams, this is stated on the label. So you can easily calculate the net weight of your purchased products if you wish.

-The printing is environmentally friendly.

-The bag can best be washed by hand and dried in the air.

-Dimensions: 15 x 25 cm.

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