Vejibag Standard

Vejibag Standard


Vejibag reinvents vegetable storage. It is an organic, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, for easily storing and preserving vegetables in the refrigerator. It is created using impeccably sourced organic cotton, milled and produced by workers using ethical labor practices. The Vejibag uses humidity and air flow to keep produce fresher, longer than those packaged in plastic.

While conventional plastic bags and boxes suffocate vegetables by trapping stale air and ethylene gas (which promotes rotting), the damp cotton bag keeps moisture-loving vegetables alive and crisp in a high humidity, breathable environment for up to two weeks!

How does the Vegibag work?

Water in the fabric vaporises slowly and transports the moisture from the vegetables to the outside of the Vegibag. This creates a humid environment that enables vegetables to breathe and slows down the spoiling process in a natural way.

Cleaning the Vejibag

The Vejibag can be washed at low temperatures using a washing machine. Be aware that it could shrink as it is cotton. The print might fade, because of the natural ink used which gradually fades.

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How to use a vejibag

1. Wet and wring

Wet the bag and then wring it out so that it is just humid. Vejibags establish a moist, breathable environment for your produce.

2. Rinse and shake

Rinse your vegetables carefully, remove any damaged areas, and then gently shake off any excess water. If you're washing lettuces or greens, there's no need to spin. Let your Vejibag do the work! 

3. Store and enjoy!

Store in the main compartment of your refrigerator or in a slightly opened crisper drawer. When the bag dries out after several days, re-wet slightly by running it briefly under the faucet, vegetables and all.