Bio Today Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Bio Today Nutritional Yeast Flakes


Bio Today products are 100% organic, natural and made without any nasty additives. Why do we love them? They are not only trendy but focused on food solutions and ‘on the go’ snacks!

Nutritional yeast is a dried inactive yeast and is rich in vegetable proteins. The flakes have a brownish-yellow colour and give a savoury cheesy taste to your dish. The product can be eaten cold and hot and the flakes give pasta salads vegetables and rice dishes a savoury taste.

Ingredients: organic yeast, organic wholemeal wheat flour, organic sea salt.

Content: 115 g

Nutrition facts per 100 g

Energy kJ/kcal: 1408/336

Fat: 6 g

Of which saturates: 1 g

Carbohydrates: 28 g

Of which sugars: 2 g

Fiber: 25 g

Protein: 30 g

Salt: 1 g

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